Meet Tom and Coleen Schulz the 4th generation from Buffalo Coulee Ranch. Coleen grew up here on the ranch working with her family in dairy, farming and cattle. Tom grew upĀ  a few short miles from the
ranch doing the same and working many a hour with his family caring for the cattle and farm. With many stories of the old days of working in the milk rooms to hauling hay with a wagon and team of horses there is much experience in the business of living the ranching and farming life.

It wasn’t until 1999 when they decided to take the plunge and get into the Bison business, after raising cattle and farming it would be a new venture to bring history back to the ranch. Old wooden coral fences that were built by grandpas from the past were taken down and replaced with heavy iron to contain the power of the new animals. 800 new wood fence posts were put in and 14 miles of new barbwire was run along the coulees hills with many hours of labor to ensure the animals would stay close to home. A new handling system was added of iron built chutes and separating pens and in 2002 with prices low it encouraged them to feed the years calves. At present date this ranch runs about 75 cows, 5 bulls, yearlings in the pens and yearly calves. It has turned out to be an amazing life experience.