2022 Calves are growing nicely with many good prospects. From a gene pool of Cammack Ranch SD, and our own home grown. Bison Cows will produce calves up to 25 plus years. Why not have quality bison heifers to replace your older cows. They are a good investment and produce long in years. We sold our calves in 2021 because of uncertainty in the bison industry. We have kept our 2022 calves this year look forward to 2023 -2024 year. Look for more photos of our heifers and bulls coming soon. Contact us for questions

2022 heifer calves

2022 calves and Sadie

2022 calves growing nice

2022 calves

August 30th 2021 Heifers growing nicely
August 30 2021 heifers
Sadie and the Girls Sept 24th 2021
The Girls Sept 2021
The Girl Nov 2021

Girls Dec 2021

Jan 2022 Heifer

Jan 2021

Jan 2021

the girls are fun…jan 2021