We run about 60 cows and calves and 5 herd bulls on this land from June to late November.
We rotate pastures for good land management, recognizing when the bison want to move.. We feel this is a good way to keep the land close to their native environment while also keeping them happy.
We let the herd be bison as best we can letting them roam the coulees that once were with only bringing the herd in the winter time. We open gates in late November and watch them run in to the winter pasture with sorting to begin in early December.
At current date we typically worm and sort the heifers and bulls before Junes time and decided to be vax free to help keep their immune systems natural and strong.
This year we have 40 yearling coming in 2 year old heifers and bulls. Contact us for more info
The Boys Dec 2022
The Girls Nov 2022