The Beginning

We have many stories to share beginning in 2014 when Ruth and her family moved from their home in MN to help at the ranch. There are many adventures, struggles and beginnings for them as they learn and remember what… Continue Reading →

Grannys Kitchen and Coco

7:30 am and the alarm clock rang, its a far cry from when the rooster would crow at dawn when growing up.  It was a school day and with that comes a new day a the ranch.  I  crawled out… Continue Reading →

The Bulls

Gramps and MC had gone to Fargo for a week to see Shari, Dave and family. Shari is their youngest daughter and her and her husband Dave are in the hotel business there. With a fun get away planned for… Continue Reading →

The Coulee Hike

It was an absolutely gorgeous day February 26th.  The sun was shining and there was no wind atall which is a very odd occurrence in North Dakota.  It was a Sunday, and Darren was home from work at the coal… Continue Reading →

A Sad Day

After our pasture excursion, that same day, I decided to do a little cleaning at Granny’s.  You know the typical house hold chores that one does.  Garbage, sweeping, and or what have you.  Gathering up the trash I set it… Continue Reading →

The Release

Spring time was at the ranch and thinking it was due to let the herd go out to the big pasture for the summer.  The cows were restless as they paced back and fourth by the newly installed game fence… Continue Reading →

The Sort

The day came when we finally moved into the house alot of the details weren’t finished but we didn’t care and we all were excited to have our home ready to at least move in.  I remember it well as… Continue Reading →

The Sewer

It was the Underwood ND country fair going on and being in a small town that is news.  Not much goes on so when there is an event seems that everyone attends.  From carnival rides, cotton candy, the smell of… Continue Reading →


Was getting on towards the end of summer and time had come to rejoice in my cousins wedding on August 20th.  Was a great summer with the expectation of a few mishaps one being of Bleu the cat and the… Continue Reading →