After the initial shock wore off of what had happened the clean up had to be thought of.  With the 100 year old 80 ft pine trees snapped off from the what some say was a tornado that went through the clean up surly would take some doing.  The Ranches yard was filled with trees as far as one could imagine, but thank goodness all of the buildings still stood with minimal damage.

The day came when we all had saws in hand and went to work. It was a July day and the heat was a little high but as the insurance didn’t decide to cover any removal of trees that were in the yard and against the house the work had to be done.

The trees were huge and climbing through the branches cutting carefully as to not hurt ones self became a challenge. The width of the two trees that fell in the yard is indescribable. With the smell of fresh pine still lingering in the air the work had started and the process of moving the big old trees to the new resting place.

We loaded up the red pickup truck with branches and the big tractor loader. There is a big ravine in the pastures coulee that had been eroding from the years of run off so we decided to put some of the big branches in there. It wasnt to long and the ravine was filled to the brim so to speak. As the summer went on we called reinforcements and my sister and her husband came to help fall time to removed the big pines that had fallen in the tree rows. It was a big process but like my grandmother woulda said. ” Many hands make light work”  as the trees went to the pasture to be burned at a later date and with Gods help maybe new pines will grow in the ol’ ravine. The North Dakota Sky Line will never be the same again….